Born the 13th of October 1952 in San Francisco, California. I'm a Naturalist and my Art
is an expression of my experiences. Teaching others to use their own abilities and achieve
their own goals; is just one of mine.

At the age 
of 2 my family moved to Miami, Florida from San Francisco. I graduated from
South West High School in 1970
and took one year of Architecture and Light Construction
at Miami Dade Jr. Collage.
Being a true Humanitarian I started working in the medical
profession on the weekends in 1969 at a Convalescent Home.
I then became a Certified
Nursing Assistant (CNA) at "South Miami Hospital" in 1973. Later in 1975 becoming an
Emergency Technician (E.M.T.) in an
Emergency Room at "Miami Children's Hospital".

I Moved up to St. Augustine in 1977 and 1978 landed a small part, as an Indian Madden
in the world known "Cross and Sword".
Finding it to far to commute to all the major
Hospitals in Jacksonville, every day. I started working in retail sales in St. Augustine.

I then went on to selling Time-Shares and in 1985 I got my Real Estate License. Later
 I went into Land and Residential sales.

 I married in September 1998 to a Native Floridian. He is a Private Real Estate Investor. 
My husband and I teamed up and started building
our Spanish-Mediterranean style
"Dream Home" I
designed and had an architect put it on paper. 

I have always loved the architecture and atmosphere in St. Augustine. Ever since I moved
here in 1977. I would find myself going around town sketching various buildings. In 1989
I decided to put all my etchings together and create a Coloring Book. I illustrated, wrote
and published
my first Coloring Book in 1990, "St. Augustine Coloring Book and Historical
Text". I now have seven Coloring Books in all. Visit my website at

I also enjoy Horseback riding and working in the garden every chance I get.





Designed By: Patricia Anne Dolan